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A Patented Tradition of Excellence Since 1978

About Us

At Country Log Homes we provide a top quality product supported by our dedication to top-notch customer service. Our commitment to quality is evident in every log that we use in every log home package that we produce. All of our log material is conscientiously cut and harvested by loggers with years of experience. They have provided the logs for thousands of Country Log Homes! Every log that we take in is hand sorted according to size, diameter and appearance. Depending upon these characteristics, each log will be earmarked for a specific application in your log home package – as a wall log, log rafter, log floor joist, log post or girder. Once they are sorted, your logs are expertly milled, cut and treated with our borate-based log preservative.

We offer a FULLY PRECUT, PATENTED mortise-and-tenon log construction system - the finest log building system available in today’s log home marketplace. Norway Red Pine, known for its beauty and durability, is our species of choice for our trademark Handpeeled log styles. Eastern White Pine, with its bright, clean appearance, is used for our more contemporary, milled log profiles.

Country Log Homes actually offers a choice of seven different log styles – a special look to suit the individual taste of every log home lover! Our most popular log profile has long been our ‘signature style’ – the rustic, Handpeeled log. This totally unique, rustic appeal can only be created by peeling each of the logs in your log home package completely by hand! This handcrafted, traditional look cannot be recreated by the often “striped” or “gouged” look that results from the mechanical debarking processes used by other companies.

Make your Country Log home truly ‘yours’ by mixing and matching wall log styles for a completely unique look. You can also take advantage of our exclusive Handpeeled interior support system – combining Handpeeled posts, girders, headers or beams with a milled interior log style for a strikingly beautiful appearance.