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A Patented Tradition of Excellence Since 1978


Country Log Homes has been recognized as an innovator in log home building systems since we were established in 1978. As we work to provide the highest quality log home package possible, our customers continue to benefit from our decades of log home construction experience. Some of our competitors also benefit – a number of similar log construction systems are now available to their customers as well!

Simply put, Country Log Homes provides the mostly fully precut log package available on the log home market today! All of your wall logs, gable logs, log rafters and log floor joists will arrive precut to the proper length and numbered to fit in a certain location in your log home. The notching required for installation of these components is also done at our factory. Your window and door openings will be precisely precut as will all of your corner intersection logs. These two items are among the patented log construction features developed by Country Log Homes.

While some other companies imply that they offer a ‘ready to assemble’ log package your logs may actually arrive cut into ‘random lengths’. There will be no precut corner system and no precut window and door openings. You or your builder will be responsible for cutting each and every log to its proper length and for accurately locating and cutting your window and door openings and your corner intersection system. These cuts are among the most critical in proper log home construction. While these companies insist that a ‘random length’ log package increases design flexibility, it actually dramatically increases both your log home construction cost and time frame. It also increases the likelihood of costly job site cutting errors and improper fit.

Country Log Homes Construction Features

  • A patented tongue-and-groove log construction system since 1978
  • Patented ‘mitred mortise-and-tenon’corner system that provides the most aesthetically pleasing interior corner in the log home industry while also providing a structurally strong and tightly sealed log corner. We have taken the extra step of removing the log tongue from the exterior portion of our stockade corner.
  • Our log joinery system features the time-tested tongue-and-groove log construction method. A 2” tongue on top of each wall log fits into a 2-1/2” groove milled into the bottom of the log above. Our log tongues are a full 5/8” high, creating a solid wood interlock between your log courses.
  • Our double, expandable gasket system, along with our caulking and foam insulation blocks provides for an airtight seal between each course of logs – keeping the weather outside where it belongs!
  • Our anchoring system features 3/8” x 10” lag bolts with washers for maximum ‘hold-down’ capability. Each log is fastened through a predrilled, counterbored hole assuring both a tight fit and proper log settlement. We provide the special drill bit for these predrilled holes with every log package that we sell.
  • We provide precut, solid log gable ends that are precisely angled to align with your precut and numbered log roof rafters.
  • Our exclusive window and door splay cuts (another patented innovation) showcase a 45° mitre cut at your exterior window and door openings allowing for a more professional and pleasing window and door installation.
  • Our precut log rafters are spaced 4’ on center providing a less cluttered, more pleasing heavy timber roof system.
  • We offer handpeeled, round interior log posts and girders – another innovation that is difficult, if not impossible, to find elsewhere.
  • Our log floor joists are mitred at both ends to fit into precut, mitred pockets in your log walls and into mitred handpeeled joist blocks that sit on top of your second floor girder system.
  • Special 3” windstop or snowblock notches are precut into all of your main roof log rafters.
  • Your porch header logs are specially cut featuring flat top and exterior faces to accept the precut birdsmouth notches in your log porch roof rafters. These porch headers are handpeeled and round on the inside and bottom faces creating an attractive and natural looking porch header construction.
  • Our window and door installation system includes laminated wood splines, wood bucks and preformed aluminum flashing. All of the joints at your window and door openings are aligned vertically and nothing is rigidly connected to your log ends allowing for proper log settlement at all of the window and door areas.

The above list represents the highlights of Country Log Homes’ patented log construction system. There are many other features that combine to make up one of the finest and most solidly built log home packages in the log home industry. At Country Log Homes the beauty of our logs is so much more than ‘skin deep’!

Join us for our next 'Log Raising'

These twice yearly, ‘by invitation only’ events at our manufacturing facility in Ashley Falls, Massachusetts are a “hands-on” construction experience covering many of our specialized log home building techniques. Check out our ‘Calendar of Events’ for the next scheduled date or call Country Log Homes at 800-229-8084 for additional information or to receive your ‘Log Raising’ invitation.