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As with any new home building project, there are sure to be many questions. We have tried to anticipate some of the more common ones and have provided answers to them below. If you are seriously considering building a log home you may also want to request our complimentary brochure or order our full color plans catalog, “The Journal”.

Q. What type of wood do you use?
A. Country Log Homes uses Norway Red Pine for its Handpeeled log profiles. Eastern White Pine has been selected for our machine milled log packages.

Q. Is your package precut?
A. Country Log Homes offers among the most totally PRECUT log home packages available today. Only minimal cutting may be required at your job site.

Q. What is included in your package?
A. Country Log Homes offers two log package versions: the ‘Basic’ package which includes precut wall and gable logs (if applicable), windows, exterior doors, log floor joists, log rafters, log posts, girders and ridge beams (if applicable), all log materials for porch construction (if applicable) and the lag bolts, gasket, caulking, foam blocks and window and door bucks required for log package assembly; OR the "Weathertight" package which includes all of the items in the ‘Basic’ package along with ‘2x’ tongue-and-groove decking for your roof and second floor areas, roof sheathing, felt and shingles. Log siding may also be included depending upon the log home package that you have purchased. Optional rigid foam insulation is also available.

Q. What type of windows do you supply?
A. Country Log Homes supplies Andersen© “DC” (Designed for Cleaning) tilt-in clad windows in a terratone color. Low-E, high performance glass is provided as standard along with screens and grilles.

Q. Do you kiln dry your logs?
A. No. Country Log Homes building system is designed to “dry-to-fit”. We believe that this slower, more natural, curing process is the better alternative.

Q. Are your homes energy efficient?
A. Yes. Log construction is among the most energy efficient forms of construction. The ‘thermal capacitance’ of log material does not allow for the easy transfer of heat from one side of the log wall to the other – keeping your log home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Think about the locations where log homes are often built – they represent some of the harshest climate areas in the country!

Q. How do you install plumbing in a log home?
A. Remember that only your exterior walls are constructed from solid logs. Your interior partition walls are conventionally framed. Plumbing pipes, drains, etc. are installed in your conventionally framed areas.

Q. How do you wire a log home?
A. Your wall logs are drilled during log construction to provide a wire chase through which electrical
wiring is fed for any outlets or switch boxes that are in your log walls. You can also run wiring in interior partitions. You will have to consider your roof wiring needs (for items such as ceiling light fixtures, ceiling fans, etc.) before installing your ‘2x’ roof decking.

Q. Do we have to choose one of your standard models?
A. Absolutely not. Country Log Homes offers a computer-aided (CAD) custom design service. We encourage you to modify one of our standard plans or to work with us to create one of your own.

Q. Does it cost more if we design our own home?
A. No. The price of your Country Log Homes package is based upon the materials that are used to manufacture it and the items that you choose to include.

Q. Can we provide our own windows or other package components?
A. Yes. You can remove virtually any components from our log package. Country Log Homes will even cut the logs for the proper rough openings for any type of windows and doors that you choose to supply.

Q. Do you offer financing?
A. Not really. Country Log Homes does offer a two-year ‘Price Protection Payment Plan’ that allows you to fix the price of your log home package for two years and to make monthly payments toward the package price. If you are like most people, you will probably need some sort of financing to complete the purchase, delivery and construction of your log home.

Q. How much do log homes cost?
A. Construction costs vary greatly from one part of the country to another and also are somewhat dependent upon the type of log home that you are building – a fully appointed primary residence versus a ‘bare bones’ fishing camp. Generally speaking, log home construction costs are similar to the costs for custom, stick frame construction in the area in which you are building. Please keep in mind that the materials that you choose to go inside your log home, fieldstone fireplace, hardwood floors, granite counter tops, radiant floor heating, etc. are among the major contributors to the finished cost of your log home.

Q. Do we have to use our Country Log Homes representative for construction?
A. No. Most Country Log Homes ‘Sales Representatives’ are builders experienced in log home construction but some are not. They all have experienced log home builders that they can recommend. You must decide how much you want to have done by your builder. Are you interested only in log shell construction or do you want a fully finished ‘turnkey’ project? Do you want your builder to act as your General Contractor or will you do so? Obviously, these choices will affect your construction costs. You should attempt to get several bids for the construction of your log home package after you have decided how much you want done.

Q. Can we build the log home ourselves or use a contractor of our own?
A. Yes. Country Log Homes provides on-site technical assistance for every log home package that we sell as well as a detailed ‘Guide to Log Construction’. An experienced representative will help you or your builder get started and will be available throughout the construction process to answer any technical questions that you may have. Ask about Country Log Homes’ semi-annual ‘Log Raisings’ if you are interested in a “hands-on” log construction experience before making the decision to build your own log home.

Q. Do your logs have bugs?
A. No. All of your log material has been treated in a borate-based preservative that offers the initial protection against insects and decay.

Q. Are log homes maintenance free?
A. No, but they are relatively easy to maintain. You need to periodically apply a wood preservative to the exterior of your log home to protect your logs from harsh weather conditions and to ‘lock in’ our borate treatment. Your maintenance schedule will vary depending upon several factors – home design, building site, climate conditions, etc. Your first treatment needs to be applied six – twelve months after your log shell construction is completed. Country Log Homes provides the material for this initial treatment with every log package that we sell. You should expect to apply additional coatings every three to five years thereafter. An average size home can be treated in a weekend.

Q. What do you use to fasten your logs?
A. Country Log Homes provides 3/8” x 10” lag bolts with washers. Lag bolts provide excellent ‘hold-down’ capability while our countersink system allows your log home to settle properly.

Q. Will I get tired of all that wood?
A. That’s a question only you can answer. Remember, only the exterior walls are log. The interior walls are conventionally framed. You can finish these walls with drywall to break up the wood in your home if you like.

Q. Do you have a warranty?
A. Yes. Country Log Homes offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty on its log material – as long as you apply an exterior preservative according to the treatment schedule that we outline.