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A Patented Tradition of Excellence Since 1978

Features and Benefits

The following features of every Country Log home provide substantial benefits to every Country Log Homes customer:

Patented ‘Mitred Mortise-and-Tenon Corner System’

Mitred corner joints provide a great looking log home corner that keeps the weather outside. The log tongues are removed from the exterior stockade corner and our exclusive corner system makes mixing of log styles a simple process.


‘Heavy Timber Roof System’

Whether you choose a typical ‘A-line’ (gable style) roof or a gambrel roof line, our Handpeeled or machined log rafters provide all of the drama that every log home lover wants with the unsurpassed strength of a heavy timber roof system.

Precut and numbered wall logs are topped off by precut log rafters, spaced 4’ on center. These log rafters line up perfectly with our precut log gable ends for ease of construction – saving you and your builder time and money.

Special ‘Windstop’ or ‘snowblock’ notches are all factory precut

Our specialized ‘snowblock’ fabrication and installation technique virtually eliminates any heat loss in this critical area. Follow our instructions for a truly professional appearance. 

Handpeeled Log Girders and Posts

These exclusive, special touches provide for a Handcrafted appearance in a factory precut log home package. Our girders and posts are Handpeeled and round (not rectangular and smooth) combining substantial strength with a striking appearance.

Window and door splay cuts

These beautiful 45° mitre cuts at all of your exterior window and door openings allow for a professional window installation that sets us apart from the rest. No other company has this exclusive, patented Country Log Homes design feature!

Outdoor-1.pngPreformed aluminum flashing

Preformed aluminum flashing and a complete window and door jamb installation system are provided with every log home package – whether or not you purchase your windows and doors from us. Just caulk and nail the flashing into place – no field bending required.

Double, expandable gaskets, caulking and 3/8” x 10” lag bolts

Double, expandable gaskets, caulking and 3/8” x 10” lag bolts are provided with all of our first run log home packages. We also include a ½” drill bit that provides the required 1-1/8” counterbore with every log package that we sell, at no additional cost to our customers. Our log sealing system is second-to-none and our double gasket installation increases the R-value between each log course and will not break down due to exposure to ultraviolet light.

Foam insulation blocks

Foam insulation blocks are included for the factory precut end grooves in the butt ends of your wall logs. These insulation blocks protect against any potential air infiltration where two wall logs come together. They help to keep your Country Log home ‘weathertight’.

Handpeeled, rustic log profile

Our trademark handpeeled, rustic log profile can only be accomplished by hand, using a drawknife. You can combine a Handpeeled, milled flat or milled round interior log style with a Handpeeled exterior profile. We truly peel each and every one of your logs by hand completely eliminating any unsightly rings, grooves, marks or gouges caused by mechanical debarking processes. You can mix and match interior log styles at no additional cost! We also offer totally machined log styles – with a milled round or clapboard exterior and a choice of milled flat or round interior.

8’6” first floor ceilings

8’6” first floor ceilings are standard on all two-story models. This simple touch provides a much more spacious, open feeling. It also allows for a wider choice of ceiling fixtures, more flexibility for second floor plumbing chases and higher first floor closet spaces.

Inside-4.pngLog porch headers

Log Porch Headers are specially precut logs with a flat top surface and a flat exterior face to accept our precut rafter birdsmouth cuts. We take the extra step of keeping the bottom and exterior surfaces round and Handpeeled – even though it involves additional handling – to create a rugged porch support system that looks great! Most other log home companies use a standard wall log for this application with the bottom groove in plain sight for all to see.

Full 2’ second floor knee wall

A full 2’ second floor knee wall is standard on most models. This allows for additional second floor headroom as well as for more usable space at your outer walls. Also, potential heat loss through your roof area is minimized by the accompanying reduction in roof pitch.


All of your logs are factory-treated with a borate-based preservative. Our use of an EPA-approved preservative, bolstered with an insecticide, provides the initial protection against decay and insect attack for your Country Log home. We also provide the material for your initial, post-construction preservative application with every log home package that we sell. This attractive log finish also assures the proper beginning to a well-protected log home.

Inside-1.pngCustom designs welcome!

We will work with you to design a log home of your very own but we also go a step further. We can provide blueprints and energy studies stamped and sealed by a professional engineer.

Free log package estimates!

Our complimentary ‘Custom Quotes’ will give you a complete listing of each item included in your log home package. We will also show you the cost for various ‘Optional Extras’ if you like. You can use our ‘Custom Quote’ to make budget decisions about the particular log home design that you have in mind.

Log railings and stairs…

Some folks can’t imagine a log home without them. Country Log Homes offers rustic, Handpeeled log railings and balusters, along with Handpeeled log stringers and stair treads, for a dramatic log stairway. Our log railing can also be used in your loft or porch areas for an additional log accent. Be sure to ask your sales representative about these optional ‘extras’.